Lempiliejonan Voitto Tuli Kotiin

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Lempiliejonan Voitto Tuli Kotiin 

" Voitto "

DOB : 20/01/2016

Registration number FI174191/16





AVA Hip Score 2:2

Penn Hip Left Side  0.22

Penn Hip Right Side  0.25

Elbows  0:0

Eyes Clear HC 

Gonioscpe 25% affected 

Temperament Excellent 

Offspring 18


Voitto is a magnificent boy, He came to us from Lempiliejonan Kennels in beautiful Finland. we are forever greatful to his wonderful breeder Anni Lahti for allowing us to bring Voitto into our lives. Voitto has the sweetest most amazing nature which he has passed on to all his offspring Cali being one of them. Voitto arrived in Australia when he was 10 months old,he bounded out of his crate and over to us like he had always been ours so happy to see us we loved him at first sight.We then made the long journey back home with our new 65kg puppy ,he was warmly welcomed by our girls Bonita and Sonya the rest is history . 

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Contact Lea Brown 

Moblie 0403460493

Bunyan NSW